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Master your own business with method and confidence

  • Will you merely meet your targets by chance?
  • Do you have the best business tools to satisfy your manager?

Start by understanding and learning your own needs! Take the challenge not to just be “good enough” but to master your business.

This site share insights on how to increase your business intelligence, and use adapted tools to improve your efficiency. There is a strong focus on procurement and team management, but many of this apply to any business activities.

Business is made by people.

What’s the key?

  • Business Management: Stay structured, have a system in Management for your agenda, for your relationship with colleagues, customers and suppliers, for your priorization
  • Implement tools: business management tools such as software for business, simple but efficient excel templates, KPI dashboards for supplier performance
  • Install pace: inform about your tools and deadlines to set the pace of your colleagues and suppliers at your convenience.
and you will free your forces

Who are we?

We are 2 friends, having 20 years experience of business, on 2 different paths crossing now and then. And have the same passion for knowledge sharing.

Philippe Coution:

meStarting with an engineering background, I have held various senior positions in Sales, Startegic Procurement and Category Management. I have been been more than one time facing situations I was missing the right tools to handle.

But finally some mentors and colleagues taught me their best practices, and helped me reach some expertise in various subjects. And now, I like sharing my knowledge

Frank Perbet:

Out Frank Perbet of passion for A.I. and knowledge sharing, I wanted to find a different form of making A.I. accessible for everyone. With words of everyday, and pains of real life. This blog was born!


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