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SRMSupplier Relationship Management: manage your supplier (SRM)

A knowledge base and Excel templates all around SRM, contract management and vendors.


Team Management

Human Resources: manage your team (HR)

Do’s & Don’t as well as templates to perform with your (functional) team. Look at our appraisal templates.


Artificial Intelligence for Business LogoArtificial Intelligence: for TechTeam and for Business (AI)

Nowadays, you can’t expect to survive the next 10 years if you do not understand the ongoing AI revolution. We give you some keys. You may start with this article.


360 degree coaching

Coaching: manage yourself

A hands on approach, adapted to your context and situation. At your pace. Try us!


About us

We are mixing many worlds: Business, Engineering, IT, Industry…

Philippe Coution

meI have an engineering background and have held various senior positions in Sales, Product and Category Management in industrial environments across the world. I worked both in Sales and Procurement, both in conventional and disruptive companies, both in corporations and start-ups. For e.g. for Rubix I scaled a Business Unit with 300+ suppliers, import, product engineering and marketing from 50 Mio $ to over 150 Mio $. More recently, I have digitized departments and been working in a Start-up in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

But more important, I have been working with many people and learnt a lot from them, as I hope they learnt from me, as I like sharing my knowledge

Let me know what you are looking for or what your field of expertise is, we might learn from each other.

Frank Perbet

I hFrank Perbetave a PhD in computer sciences. During my professional life, I uncompromisingly worked on what I found exciting and innovative. This started with computer graphics, then computer vision, then, finally and inevitably, AI – Artificial Intelligence.

I am now working as a research-engineer in DeepMind, which means that I am not a researcher nor an engineer. But, proudly, I can talk to both, and that’s where I want to be, because whatever happens next, we will need both (and more).