Contract Manager: Job Descriptions, Qualifications, Tasks


To be successful in any role, one must have a variety of interpersonal and professional skills. Add to this a solid foundation of relevant expertise and certain innate personal characteristics. That being said, you still need a little more. Let’s zoom onto a key role of some organizations. What do you do as a contract … Read more

Employee appraisal – Checklist and templates

Annual appraisal with employee is an important management tool. This template ensures quality and objectivity in measuring employee performance

Employee appraisals – for some (employees and managers) an unpopular compulsory exercise, for many others an important and appreciated regular appointment to look both back and forward. In this article you will get: Suggestions from leadership practice Templates for successful employee appraisals (which you can download and use freely) Templates for the invitation to the … Read more

Rebate and Deal Management Software

Money back from rebate

While I intend to make soon a post on rebates (their structure, pros and contras,…), I decided not to wait before publishing this short post. Let’s look at this as an appetizer… This is list of rebate management software and deals management software I have been in contact to. The position on the list has … Read more

Vendor Creation Excel Template

Vendor Creation Excel Template tab 3.1

View of the xls form for vendor creation What is a vendor creation form and why using one? At the beginning there was light. Since we are in the more down-to-earth business of purchasing and selling, at the beginning there is a first contact. Three possibilities: Passive – Vendor is reaching out actively to you: … Read more

Vendor Performance Scorecard Excel Template

Vendor Performance Scorecard

First, you will see I am using almost indifferently vendor and supplier. If you want to what is the difference between vendor and supplier, go here. Second, this post is not academic, but based on a real-life Excel template. You’ll learn about my vendor scorecard excel template. It helps you to build a vendor scoring … Read more

The phases of Contract Lifecycle Management

8 stages of contract life cycle process

Depending on the size, value and strategic relevance of the contract, stages of contract lifecycle may vary in importance but not in sequence – there are some exceptions – and all must be completed. Note that if you want to skip the theory, you can jump directly to another post: contract management excel template. 1 … Read more

Contract Management Excel Template


Wednesday evening, preparing the supplier meeting for tomorrow. Going to your desk, confident. You open your business tool case “contract management tools and templates”. One click in your SRM, you print out a vendor performance scorecard. A second click in your contract management system, scrolling your contract database: you get an overview of your contract. … Read more

Vendor vs. Supplier

Foreword: This article may not find full alignment with reader. There are several definitions, way of using vendors and suppliers, geographies, native speakers, company slang… If you start to go across the web, you will find quite opposite definitions of vendors and suppliers. Like for instance mentioning that one is at the beginning of the … Read more