Supplier Due Diligence from A to Z

Vendor due diligence check list

Wether your are a manufacturer, a trading company or a service provider, your suppliers are the backbone of your business. Imagine yourself having chosen the wrong cloud provider. Suddenly missing his Service Level Agreement (SLA). A huge Dead-end! The pandemic situation and global economic challenges (Inflation, Energy,…) have even accelerated the needs for reliable and … Read more

Rebate and Deal Management Software

Money back from rebate

While I intend to make soon a post on rebates (their structure, pros and contras,…), I decided not to wait before publishing this short post. Let’s look at this as an appetizer… This is list of rebate management software and deals management software I have been in contact to. The position on the list has … Read more

Vendor Creation Excel Template

Vendor Creation Excel Template tab 3.1

View of the xls form for vendor creation What is a vendor creation form and why using one? At the beginning there was light. Since we are in the more down-to-earth business of purchasing and selling, at the beginning there is a first contact. Three possibilities: Passive – Vendor is reaching out actively to you: … Read more

Vendor Performance Scorecard Excel Template

Vendor Performance Scorecard

First, you will see I am using almost indifferently vendor and supplier. If you want to what is the difference between vendor and supplier, go here. Second, this post is not academic, but based on a real-life Excel template. You’ll learn about my vendor scorecard excel template. It helps you to build a vendor scoring … Read more

Vendor vs. Supplier

Foreword: This article may not find full alignment with reader. There are several definitions, way of using vendors and suppliers, geographies, native speakers, company slang… If you start to go across the web, you will find quite opposite definitions of vendors and suppliers. Like for instance mentioning that one is at the beginning of the … Read more

What is SRM – Supplier Relationship Management?

SRM Supplier Relationship Management

What is the purpose of Supplier Relationship Management? The purpose of SRM is to organize, track, plan, analyze and support the processes between an enterprise and its suppliers on all levels (strategy and operations). Let’s analyze together the strategic supplier relationship management definition. SRM – Supplier Relationship Management is a systematic assessment of suppliers: Supplier … Read more

How to clean and reduce your supplier base in 5 steps?

Vendor database is a mess

Your supplier database is a legacy mess: When you look at your supplier base, you think: what a mess, and the mess is growing everyday! And your colleagues all have different way of thinking what is “the right data”… There is hope :-). First because you realised you have a problem. And second, because the … Read more

Supplier Scorecard Excel Template

Supplier Scorecard Web graphic Excel Template

Why bothering making a supplier scorecard? Make analysis and rational decisions Improve your supplier base Generate savings and value for your organization Get internal recognition of management: implement an efficient and transparent system But above all, once you start using it, you wonder why you did not do it earlier… What is a supplier scorecard? … Read more

SRM – Managing Relationship with Suppliers

Managing Relationship with Suppliers

Why managing Relationships with Suppliers (SRM)? Well, one could ask, why talking to my colleagues 🙂 Joke aside: Suppliers are key to success of your company. Most probably if you landed on this blog, suppliers are key to your career as well, because you are in: Procurement Supply Chain Category Management or Product Management Or … Read more

5 steps to implement your own SRM system

Suppler Relationship Management Implementation

You want to improve your system SRM? One of my former employer was acquiring companies several times per month. I have been integrating the procurement department of so many companies after acquisition, that I can’t remember them all. I could write a book on the Do & Don’t on how to implement a SRM-system in … Read more