Insurance policies tracking template

We have several template around Contract Management:

but none specific to insurance policy tracking

I was challenged by a colleague some days ago to build an insurance policy management excel template.

  • She: Insurance policies is such a complex topic. . You never now when to cancel, how much you pay etc… This is what I would need now
  • I: well, there is my template for contract management, you can kind of use it for this purpose. Just change the file name 🙂
  • Maybe people don’t realize it… And I am sure come topics are specific to insurance policies, which are not in contract management
  • Having an insurance policy is like having a contract… But I get your point…

So I am currently developing such a file: “insurance policy management template in excel”.

This insurance tracker template will have comprehensive functionalities such as:

  • Reminder for renewal
  • Total insurance costs
  • Payment schedule

and much more…

If you would like to:

  • Be informed when this is released
  • Give input on how it should like (and benefit from your input!)

Then register below and let me know your needs. We will take them into account.