Rebate and Deal Management Software

Money back from rebate
Rebate is cash back

While I intend to make soon a post on rebates (their structure, pros and contras,…), I decided not to wait before publishing this short post. Let’s look at this as an appetizer…

This is list of rebate management software and deals management software I have been in contact to. The position on the list has no meaning on preference or capabilities. Please help me to complete this list in sending me rebate software you use or came across. Obviously, supplier rebate management software is part of your SRM tool case.

The vendor rebate management software providers listing:

  1. Excel !!!
  2. 360insights
  3. Enable
  4. Flintfox
  5. LBMX
  6. Model N
  7. Vistex

Please send me input to extend and qualify this list of rebate management tool!

Those can be use to manage your manufacturer rebate software when you are a trading company.

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