Vendor Performance Scorecard Excel Template

Vendor Performance Scorecard

First, you will see I am using almost indifferently vendor and supplier. If you want to what is the difference between vendor and supplier, go here. Second, this post is not academic, but based on a real-life Excel template. You’ll learn about my vendor scorecard excel template. It helps you to build a vendor scoring … Read more

How to clean and reduce your supplier base in 5 steps?

Vendor database is a mess

Your supplier database is a legacy mess: When you look at your supplier base, you think: what a mess, and the mess is growing everyday! And your colleagues all have different way of thinking what is “the right data”… There is hope :-). First because you realised you have a problem. And second, because the … Read more

Supplier Scorecard Excel Template

Supplier Scorecard Web graphic Excel Template

Why bothering making a supplier scorecard? Make analysis and rational decisions Improve your supplier base Generate savings and value for your organization Get internal recognition of management: implement an efficient and transparent system But above all, once you start using it, you wonder why you did not do it earlier… What is a supplier scorecard? … Read more