Why I have not been writing for a while on AI and Regulations here

Well, for all working in AI related fields, the pace is not slow this year, you know this. This has been the same for me.

Wrap-up 2023 AI quality contributions:

Let’s wrap-up a short overview of contributions on AI Quality I nonethless shared with interested – and interesting people – this year. This is not an AI restrospective: I am not that ambitious. Let’s start the list of what I have been doing outside this blog:

  • Several trainings (description here) on AI Quality and why it matters
    • Understand AI standards and regulations
    • Identify the impact of AI on your business
    • Manage the AI quality accordingly
      I am proud to have trained new AI Quality Engineers, and they shall spread the word!
  • Several exhibitions such as World Summit AI, Big Data or Bits&Pretzels, to name only 3:
    • Forging partnerships with technical stacks on trustworthy AI
    • Presenting our contribution to make AI safem sure and ethical
    • Keeping up to date
  • Several contributions to AI Hub Frankfurt and to TÜV AI.Lab:
    • Trustworthy AI
    • EU AI Act compliance of AI systems (based on the provisory EU AI Act)
  • Got the incredible opportunity to present my views at ETSI Security Conference
  • Contribute to some partner blogs on building safe and secure AI (Statworks – achtung German!)
  • I becam one of the first IEEE CertifAIed lead assessor in May (now 54 by the time i write this article), and now I became a Train the Trainer for ethical AI
  • A couple of Webinars (impact on Industry, or here, ou là en francais,

And you, what was your contribution to AI Quality this year?


What’s next?

2024 has not started yet, but is very likely to be high speed again:

  • I will carry on trainings, developping specific assets on Data Quality for AI in computer vision
  • Launch some specific eLearning on Standards and regulations (EU AI Act, ISO 42001, ISO 23894, ISO 5259,…)
  • Further contribute to AI.Lab
  • I keep room for unexpected changes in AI world.
  • Probably full speed on EU AI Act implementation and certification


PS: I am writing this on the 6th of December, waiting for the EU AI Act thriller to stop today or enter a new phase. Wait and see!

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